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Intimate wedding in the lavender fields of Valensole by Sylvia Calmet destination wedding photographer in Provence

Intimate Wedding in the Lavender Fields of Valensole

When Jessica & David contacted me for their wedding : I was over the moon. They were from California and wanted to get married in the lavender fields of Valensole. What they exactly wanted was an intimate wedding: just the two of them, a celebrant for a secular ceremony and myself.

Imagine a picturesque landscape painted in shades of purple and green, as far as the eye can see, providing the perfect backdrop for a celebration of love. This is where Jessica and David got married in June during the lavender season.

My name is Sylvia Calmet. I am a destination wedding photographer in Provence. Sometimes during the year: I photograph intimate and small weddings. I love it when the lavender fields are your choice.

Welcome on this website where I write articles about my work as a photographer in Aix en Provence, families and weddings. 

secular ceremony in the lavender fields of Valensole
Couple in the fields of Valensole by Sylvia Calmet destination wedding photographer
Intimate wedding in the fields of Valensole
Couple under the tree of the fields of Valensole
Couple session during their intimate wedding in Valensole

Intimate wedding in Provence:

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over the fields, the couple exchanged vows surrounded by the fragrant blossoms of lavender. Pierre from Love actually was their celebrant for this magical moment. The emotions of the moment made the ceremony truly magical. You can see tears of joy in my pictures. The emotions were intense.

The choice of the lavender fields for this celebration was not arbitrary. The vibrant colors of the fields provided an intimate setting that allowed the couple to connect with nature and each other in a unique and meaningful way. Intimate wedding are very different from another wedding and I am not speaking of the budget. Intimate wedding are very intimate and emotional. Whether you are just the 2 of you, like those 2, or with a close group of family and friends: it’s something different.

But let’s get back to David & Jessica! The vows have been exchanged: it’s time for more couple photos and their elegant wedding in Provence.

Walking and laughing in the lavender fields in the summer in the south of france
as a destination wedding photographer in Provence Sylvia Calmet will take you to the places she loves
Celebrate your love in the lavender fields is somethnig you can do for your wedding with Sylvia Calmet as your french fine art photographer
Putting a ceremony together is what this couple choose to do in the lavender fields of Valensole
Dancing in the fields of valensole at the end of their ceremony for their intimate weddding
No matter if the sky is grey your ceremony can be amazing in the lavender fields of valensole

Couple photos in the Lavender fields of Valensole:

Intimate wedding is the place for couple photos. After their ceremony, it’s the perfect place for a couple’s session worthy of the name. It’s a way to share joy and nature’s beauty. Those memories will last for a lifetime.

In Valensole what I really love, if you know the “plateau“ a little bit, is that you can have different spots to take pictures. Wheat mingles with lavender and the golden color is perfect with the purple shades.

Lavender season in the South of France: 

You will find lavender fields from June to August in the South of France. But here in Valensole, as the farmers cut the lavender for the harvest, the season is much shorter. Lavender season is about a month from June the 15th to July the 15th. 

couple kissing in the fields of valensole
She couldn't stop looking at him during their secular ceremony in valensole for their wedding
The tree in the middle of the lavender fields of valensole is so famous
Editorial approach by Sylvia Calmet french fine art photographer in Provence
Sylvia Calmet is a destination wedding photographer specialized in intimate destination wedding in Provence
In between wheat and lavender the couple is enjoying its couple session for its intimate wedding
Black and white picture of the bride so happy to get married in the fields of Valensole
During the summer Valensole can be a must detination to go for an intimate destination wedding

Sylvia Calmet, your destination wedding photographer in Valensole, Provence:

As a destination wedding photographer in Provence, I am used to working with couples, families, brides and groom from all over the world. I am a real guide to the Lavender fields in Provence. This is how I have been working for the past 6 years and I really love it. Living in the French language, which is my mothertongue and working in English is not only a dream come true: it’s my way of life! I would love to know more about your choice of getting married in France and around Aix en Provence where I live and work every day.

I can’t wait to be your wedding photographer in Valensole and do your photoshoot in the lavender fields.

Let me know more about your wedding: I would love to chat about it, Sylvia