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getting married at the château de robernier in the south of france with sylvia calmet destination wedding photographer in provence

Getting married at Château de Robernier

Getting married at the Château de Robernier: looks like a fairy tale to you? Guess what?! Looks like a fairytale to me!

In the South of France, Provence, where I live and love to work, Château de Robernier stands as a symbol of timeless romance and elegance. For couples seeking a fairytale wedding in a truly enchanting setting, this historic château is the epitome of charm and sophistication.

It’s pretty easy there: every stone tells a story of love. Robernier is one of my fav’ and I am more than happy to be able to take you to Emily & Craig’s wedding.

My name is Sylvia Calmet. I am a destination wedding photographer in Provence. Welcome to this website and on the blog part where I tell stories about my work, your venue, the details of your wedding or your family session but most of the time about your love. Here you will find articles in French and in English because this is part of me and who I am.

Bienvenue! Have fun reading! 

The view of the Château de Robernier from the gardens by Sylvia Calmet destination wedding photographer in Provence
Couple kissing in the gardens of Château de Robernier
The decoration inside of the Chateau de Robernier
Champagne for a destination wedding at the château de robernier provence
The couple from london at the end of their couple session in Robernier Provence France
Bride and groom on the dancefloor in Robernier, provence france
At the en of the secular ceremony in front of the chateau de robernier
Black and white photography for the end of the ceremony in the chateau de robernier

Engagement session in Gordes:

If you are new here: I would like to welcome you again. You might not know that engagement session are always included within my wedding coverage. This is how I work: I need to meet you before you wedding day so you can be relax and enjoy it. 

I met Em’ and Craig in Gordes around 6:30 in the morning for the sunrise. This is a time I loved to enjoy with them because it looked like that had the entire village to themselves.

We had an amazing time within the village of Gordes. Of course we started their engagement session with THE panoramic view of the old city, then we headed down the steep little streets of the town centre. To round off their session, we took a trip to the local market and had a coffee. This is something really special for me: getting to know you more before the wedding so that your wedding day can only be about champagne, fun and love.

Dans le petit salon du château de robernier, séance couple lors de leur mariage
The flatlay Sylvia Calmet did during the wedding in the chêatu de robernier
The bride with her mother and her mother in law in Robernier
Bridal party in the château de Robernier by Sylvia Calmet destination wedding photographer
The view of the secular ceremony in front of the château robernier provence france
The bride is enjoying the party at the château robernier
The bride is reading her vows at the château robernier
The bride is getting ready and drinking champagne
The bride bouquet in the château robernier during the getting ready
Family and friends during the cocktail at the château de robernier france
The band is playing music during the wedding
Champagne and cake for the bride and groom
friends on the dancefloor at robernier
The view of the secular ceremony from the second floor of the chateau robernier
Playing the drums during the wedding in the chateau de robernier

Getting ready at the Château:

It’s around noon when Renaud Conti, their videographer and I, met Emily & Craig at the Château for their wedding day. Before their wedding and during their preparation, they told me they felt in love with the charm of the place. The interior of the Château is a of French charm and antiques. The terraces provide different space for guests to enjoy the celebration. It was the perfect place they imagined for the wedding week end : wedding day & brunch.

We met Craig in the grand reception halls. He is beginning the day with his closest family. The crystal chandeliers and the champagne create a majestic ambiance for the wedding festivities.

Then we met the bridesmaids and Emily for a nice moment in the green room. That room was perfect with the colours they choose for their wedding day.

The bride with her bridesmaids while getting ready in the green room of Robernier provence France by sylvia calmet destination wedding photographer in Provence
The couple laughing during their ceremony with kevin backer celebrant
The bride is drinking champagne in the green room of chateau robernier while waiting for the getting ready to be finish
View of the outside dinner at the chateau robernier
The partyy is on and the bride is really enjoying it
Bride and groom being together kissing and drinking champagne in front of robernier during their couple session
Bride and groom and the family of the bride in front of Robernier
details of the chateau such as a lion in the garden of robernier
bride and groom dancing together on the dancefloor of robernier during the party of their wedding
Le portrait de Louis 14 au château de robernier en Provence
Black and white picture of the couple at the end of their secular ceremony
details in the garden of chateau de robernier
Bride in front of the château de Robernier provence by sylvia calmet destination wedding photographer in provence
The details of the stationnary such as the menu on the table in robernier
Couple during their couple session in front of the chateau de robernier by Sylvia Calmet wedding photographer in Aix en provence

Secular ceremony in front of the Château:

After they both got ready was the time for them to discover each other during their secular ceremony. Em’ & Craig have decided to trust Kevin Baker for their celebration. One hour later they are officially declared as husband and wife. Party is on!!!!

Cocktail, dinner, party and brunch: I feel like those 2 and their guests were on allll night and all day the next morning. It is true to say that Château de Robernier transform dreams into reality. It allows everyone to fully immerse themselves in the magic of Provence and extend the celebration into a weekend of joy and relaxation. The pool is perfect for a brunch the day after your wedding.

Choosing Château de Robernier as your wedding venue is not just about a venue. It’s about creating an unforgettable experience in one of the most enchanting corners of France. With its timeless beauty and historical charm, this château is the perfect setting for a fairytale beginning to your happily ever after.

Sylvia Calmet, your destination wedding photographer:

Destination wedding photographer in the South of France, I have been working with couples from all over the worlds willing to get married in Provence since 2018. For over 6 years now, I have assisted foreign and French couples wishing to marry around Aix en Provence. I love meeting people from different cultures. Speaking English fluently is very easy to communicate with.

I will be more than happy to know more about you, your wedding day and your love story.

Can’t wait! Sylvia

Let me know more about your wedding: I would love to chat about it, Sylvia