Sylvia Calmet Photographe

Sylvia Calmet, Destination Wedding Photographer based in Aix en Provence

For couples burning with love, distinguished and fun!

How to get started? With modesty, respect and kindness.

Talking about myself is like many people: not easy.

I could write you lines about what I love in life: my favorite TV series, my trips to the ends of the earth and my weekends at my parents around Montpellier … I love people, encounters, the obvious and my job. I’m a wedding and family photographer in Aix en Provence. I accompany you in Provence, in France and abroad.
I was born in Picardy, France, to a mother from Lyon and a father from the Mediterranean. I’m like my two native regions: north and south, without clichés, rain or shine, natural, sensitive, joyful, with my contradictions and also my resources… unique, like you!

I photograph in a luminous, uncluttered style close to Fine-Art photography. I attach particular importance to your story and the details that tell it. I add a touch of fun that comes across in your images.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, my job as a photographer allows me to follow your projects and desires: from Aix-en-Provence to Paris, in France and abroad.

I look forward to meeting you,


Henri et Julia beau couple du nord de la France se mariant en Provence avec Sylvia calmet comme photographe de mariage à aix en provence
From washington DC to le chateau de la garde in Provence by Sylvia Calmet destination wedding photographer in Provence

My values as a photographer in Aix en Provence:

I attach great importance to connection. I like to say: yes! to projects that are close to your heart and that thrill me!

And more …

I love Christmas markets in winter as much as I love sunbathing in summer. I love Latin music and rock bands. I love a musical, an Ed Sheeran concert, a series or a film in VO. I love spending time with my friends, chatting over a drink, and it’s in Provence, as a wedding, family and corporate photographer, that I’ve chosen to settle.

My approach as a photographer in Provence:

Choose to entrust me with your memories:

Rigor, spontaneity and good humor are what I can offer you. With over 60 weddings to my credit, my vision is that of an expert in your story. Thanks to our preliminary meetings, I’m able to understand your desires and your project. This is what defines me as the right person to be your photographic witness.

My vision as a woman photographer:

Sensitive woman: I’m discreet if that suits you. I can bring you a handkerchief if you need one, reassure your children if need be, and also be that shoulder on which to confide your stress in the face of the lens or the day’s deadlines.

Present woman: As a wedding, family or corporate photographer, I accompany you at your own pace and according to your desires: zen-attitude or rock-n’-roll-attitude.

Organized woman: I like to be aware of the progress of your family session or your union. Communication is one of my top priorities.

My suggestions for your memories:

As a wedding photographer, I offer you my way of seeing the world: sensitive, creative, organized and sometimes a little zany. My reportages vary according to your desires, from the preparations to the end of your cocktail party, from the first dance to the next day’s brunch.

An engagement session is always included before your wedding reportage. Prints, boxes and albums are also available.

For your family sessions and corporate coverage: we prepare your images together beforehand. Questionnaires and a meeting before your session will ensure that it reflects what you want. I offer you photographs that reflect your image. These are moments you’ll want to share with your friends or colleagues.

Destination wedding from California to provence by sylvia calmet french destination wedding photographer in aix en provence

Your stories in images and in Provence:

40 years of travel around the world, many steps on dance floors, a few years on rugby fields: sport and travel make me who I am.

Photographer in Aix en Provence, from Montpellier to Monaco and not only …

I’m outgoing without being extravagant, rigorous without being rigid. I like simple things, meetings with friends and sunsets by the sea. Perfection fascinates me and keeps me going. I always strive to do my best.

I adapt to you, your session, your day. Choosing me as your wedding, family or corporate photographer, in Provence or elsewhere, is your guarantee of being you! Emotional or restrained: understanding and attentive, I adapt to you.

My work abroad :

My High School diploma in France, another the following year in the USA: I juggle French and English to my heart’s content on a daily basis.

In my former life, I worked as a vacation center organizer in Holland and Spain, as a vacation center director in Spain and Portugal, and as a school assistant in Kenya. Since then, I’ve had the good fortune to accompany a couple to their wedding in Punta-Cana.

My various jobs have always enabled me to build projects in France and abroad. I’ve always traveled, whether for pleasure or for work. Giving an international dimension to my work and my life in general is an obvious choice. As a wedding and family photographer in Aix en Provence, I’d be delighted to follow you on your “crazy adventures & love” wheter there are at your home, mine or elsewhere. 

My desires as a woman in 2024:

The list is long… but the top 3 remain the same. Attend a Sumo competition in Japan, discover Easter Island and finally… return to Bali. I went there 3 times: it’s an amazing place I really love. 

As you can imagine, communication, organization, open-mindedness and respect guide me on a daily basis.

My bonus: I try as much as possible to take care of the planet.

Another one: I laugh (and sometimes cry) every day and, once again, always try to do my best.

I chose to become a wedding photographer because I find it fascinating. I’m delighted to be able to work with you every day, in this beautiful region so dear to my heart: Provence.

Your memories with a professional photographer in Aix en Provence:

I have been working as a professionnal photographer for 5 years now. As you know: I love folloing you in your stories and projects. Would love to know more about you! 

Sylvia Calmet photographe famille mariage provence

Your French photographer in Provence:

As a photographer in Provence , I’d be delighted to hear as much as possible about your event. Tell me about yourself, over a coffee or an aperitif. I’d love to hear about your wishes, your desires, your ideas for your shoot, the challenges you could set me and that we could take on together. Teaming up to make your images the most beautiful, the best: my eye, my sensitivity, your connections: let’s take the time to discuss, exchange and define your project!