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Engagement session in provence, gordes for this couple from London to Gordes

Engagement session in Gordes: 

Gordes, nestled in the picturesque Luberon region of France, provides an enchanting backdrop for an unforgettable engagement session. This is where I had the chance to go with some of my couples last year before their wedding. This medieval village, perched atop a hill, captivates with its timeless charm and panoramic views. The countryside is very Provence: olives tree, white limestone rocks, lavender fields. Whether you choose to go there for sunrise or sunset: the romance of Gordes comes alive.

My name is Sylvia Calmet. I am a French wedding photographer. I have the chance to work in Provence where I live. I have been living around Aix en Provence since 2008 and I am really happy to say that I love it. As a destination wedding photographer in Provence, I love when I can take my couples to places I like. It’s a perfect way to make them discover this beautiful area I live in.

Welcome to this website where you will find my work as a wedding and family photographer, in French and in English. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Fell free to get in touch with me if you have any questions. I would love to help.

Black and white pictures of a couple in Gordes for their engagement session
The airelles of gordes by Sylvia Calmet destination wedding photographer
Love birds in Gordes, luberon France
Inside les airelles of Gordes
Sunrise in front of Gordes view for their engagement session
Couple who is looking at the view in Gordes
Couple in the sunflower fields for their family session
black and white photography of a couple from London by Sylvia calmet destination wedding photographer in Provence

Sunrise or sunset in Gordes:

When we have a appointment together for your engagement session: I might tell you to meet me in front of THE view. You might have seen it online, social media or Instagram, but THE view is just as amazing as you thought.

Imagine this: summer, south of France, 6:30 in the morning, you are literally asking yourself what you are doing here … Weather is a bit chilly but here we are all alone in front of the village of Gordes, Luberon, South of France. THE view is just for you to look at. Enjoy the sunrise, the songs of birds and the sounds of nature waking up: it’s right in front of you.

Then we go in the heart of the village. The quaint squares and hidden courtyards offer intimate settings for capturing tender moments. Gordes’ architectural marvels, including the 16th-century castle and the iconic Saint-Firmin church, provide a historical and regal backdrop for your love story. Every Tuesday morning you will find the traditional French market in the city center. It’s so nice to see it taking shape.

Australian couple in the street of Gordes
The view of Gordes provence luberon
couple during their family session in the airelles gordes
In the airelles of gordes you can enjoy amazing time for your photoshoot
Olives trees of provence in Gordes
close up during an engagement session in black and white photography
The streets of Gordes luberon Provence are perfect for a photoshoot
Those 2 lovesbirds are looking at the view of gordes and luberon

You might also see lavender fields:

Depending on the season, the vibrant hues of lavender or the earthy tones of vineyards create a stunning natural canvas. Mid-June to mid-July is the perfect timing to see a purple tide around Provence. Let the fragrant blooms surround you: it’s happening you will get married to the one you love.

Time for a coffee or a drink:

At the end of your sunrise session, I love to go and have a coffee together. It’s a perfect time to get to know each other more and chat before the wedding. If you rather choose the sunset experience: we might go out for a drink or you can book a table Aux Airelles de Gordes.

the gardens of the airelles of gordes luberon france
english couple in front of the view in Gordes by Sylvia Calmet destination wedding photographer in provence
inside the airelles
australian couple in the charming streets of gordes
The airelles sign gordes
beautiful couple from canada during their familiy session in gordes
In front of the airelles of Gordes famous hotel and restaurant in the city center of this charming village in luberon provence
From London to the sunrise in Gordes by sylvia calmet destination wedding in Provence

My experience as a destination wedding photographer in Provence:

Since 2018, I have been working as a destination wedding photographer near Aix en Provence and around the South of France. For more than 6 wedding seasons: I have decided to create this special time for you. All the love birds I meet are obliged to do an engagement session with me. It’s a specific and intome moment to be together and to get to know me more. I would be delighted to accompany you to Gordes or elsewhere for your engagement session.

Talk to you soon, Sylvia

Let me know more about your wedding: I would love to chat about it, Sylvia