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Engagement session in April in Marseille, south of France, Provence by Sylvia Calmet, wedding photographer in Marseille

Engagement session in Marseille:  

From Paris to Marseille, there were only one reason to come down with me on their engagement session: family … and love of course!

Of course they choose to do their engagement shoot in Marseille, Provence, South of France because they are getting married this year … but also because his parents live there. They know Marseille and “ La Baie des Singes “ by heart. They are in love with the place and you know me : I love when the couple are in love.  Marseille for their engagement shoot: here we go.

My name is Sylvia Calmet: welcome here on this website. I am a wedding and family photographer in Provence, South of France. I have been doing destination weddings since 2018 and I would love to know you more. Feel free to contact me if you like my work! 

Couple session in Marseille, south of france
La baie des singes, a great place to take pictures in Marseille
engagement ring in Marseille for a photoshoot before their wedding
flowers in la baie des singes Marseille
Cute couple from Paris to Marseille for their photoshoot

Marseille, Provence, where I live and work as a wedding photographer: 

Whether you’ve been to this city before and you know it or not, you’ve heard of Marseille. Marseille is the historical province of Provence. It’s the capital of the Bouches du Rhone. It’s an amazing city I love very much.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Marseille is well know for its Old Port. The Port is in the city center or it might be the other way around but anayway: it’s an amazing place where you can see fishermen in the fish market in the morning and beautiful sunset at night.

There are many places that make the city one of the most beautiful city in ( let’s say that ) the world: the mucem, Notre Dame de la Garde, la Vieille Charité … Concerts, museum, exhibition and art are a major part in the city.

I was so happy when they told me they wanted me to photoshoot their engagement session there.

Is my engagement session always included ?

Yes! This is totally part of my work.

After 5 wedding seasons: I will have to be truthfully honest with you. I love engagement session. I think I need them as much as you do. So … because of that … and because this is so important to me, I wanted to them to be part of my wedding routine. No matter what coverage you will ask and take with me, you will always have an engagement session.

Here is another one in Le Castellet: feel free to have a look! 

What a light in marseille that morning for this engagement session
beautiful couple from Paris in the calanques of Marseille
sunrise and full moon for their engagement session
sunrise in la baie des singes marseille for their engagement shoot
Hugs during their engagement shoot in marseille
sunrise and sky in Marseille for their photoshoot before their wedding

What is an engagement session exactly?

Beside the fact that it’s a time together and that you will get more pictures, your engagement session is a time with each other.

You are the one who choose the place. I will give my advice on where is the best place to take pictures.

You choose the day of the session. I will help you with the best time of the day and light. Sunrise, sunset: some places can offer both.

You choose whatever you are wearing. I will just give advice.

Your engagement session is your moment. It can be only the two of you or if you have children, we can do a family session.

Your engagement session is a place where we meet, we see each other and we talk about the wedding. It’s also a good way to be reassure about your image, the camera and the way I work.

It’s a place for funny stories, to try all the ideas “ is it good on the picture ? “ and of course it’s the best place for love.

Lovers in Marseille , picture by Sylvia Calmet, wedding photographer in Provence
Marseille la baie des singes is the perfect place for an engagement session

Their engagement session in Marseille, La baie des singes :

As I told you : they picked the place, I choose the time.

Let’s meet around 7:00 am that morning. Wheater was cold and a bit chilly. Some wind passed by. The sun wasn’t totally up yet and we could still see the full moon on the back.

I loved that moment because it was in between night and day, shadow and light, blue and pink. It was amazing.

La baie des singes is at “ the end of the world “ as the road is called. It’s really how you feel when you get there. Plus, at 7:00 am, there are not a lot of people around so the place was all ours!

Perfect moment to hug, kiss, laugh and do the rehearsal of their first dance. Yes! I have this pleasure to see you being so proud of the dance lesson you took.

Did I told you I love engagement session?

First dance rehearsal during their engagement session in marseille
Looking together at the sea during their engagement session in marseille
sunrise in la baie des singes marseille for their engagement shoot
black and white picture for this rehearsal of their first dance
love and laugh during your engagement session

Sylvia Calmet, your wedding photographer in Marseille, Provence:

Wedding photographer since 2018, I have for 5 years had the pleasure of accompanying more than 60 couples around their big day. Whether from Marseille to Monaco, within the Luberon, Barcelonnette or the Côte d’Azur: your union projects make me travel and I love it. Desitination Photographer in Marseille, Provence and everywhere in France, I can also follow you abroad to immortalize your most beautiful days. Your beautiful day always start with an engagement session.

French and fluent : it is with pleasure that I guide your guests and communicate with them, whether before the wedding if they have questions or on D-Day. My main thing: that you are comfortable and that you can have a great day. This is when the photos will be the most natural and therefore the most beautiful.

Talk to you soon, Sylvia

You are getting married in 2024 or 2025 and you are looking for your photographer to immortalize your day? It’s a good thing because I’m a big fan of love stories! I can’t wait to know yours!

See you soon, Sylvia