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Engagement session in Provence:

I met this adorable couple for their engagement session in Provence in the heart of the charming Village of  » Le Castellet « . 

Located in the Var, in the South of France, this charming commune of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur is a fortified town where cobblestones line the streets. Indeed, there are many shops & colorful alleys. As far as I’m concerned it’s a delight to work in such beautiful places. It’s a joy for the wedding photographer in Provence that I am. From the details of the shop windows, to the atmosphere of the shops: everything is something to be photographed. I love this style of atmosphere. It allows me to tell love stories as well as possible. It allows me to tell you love story as charming as she can be.

My work as a destination wedding photographer in Aix en Provence:

This couple: They are so in love. It’s a daily pleasure for me to work with future married couples. I love the intimacy and complicity of these pre-wedding sessions. It’s a great opportunity: having people who trust you that much is a gift.

I do pre-wedding session for all my bride and groom. It’s a great way to see each other. Sometimes it’s the unique way to see each other before your wedding. It’s also a perfect way to see how I work. On the wedding day you don’t have to worry about what I do and where I am. You already know because we have seen each other.

I love to work in Aix en Provence and Marseille. Provence is where I have been living since 2008. This is where I love to do pre wedding shoots, engagement shoots and family sessions

Provence, sud de la France: voici leur histoire d’amour

Séance engagement Provence Sylvia Calmet Photographe Mariage

Détails séance engagement Provence Engagement session in Provence

To choose Provence for an engagement session:

These discreet lovers have chosen the charm of this Provencal hamlet for their engagement session. The tranquillity of the streets enchanted them as much as I was. The ochres and colours typical of the South of France were to be found on the walls. It’s always a pleasure to take the time in such places, to be able to discover or rediscover them.

For your engagement session in Provence:

Here are a few advices:

  • Take your time to find the right photographer for your session. 
  • Talk with your photographer about what you would love.
  • If your photographer is from Provence, let him/her tell you when the light is the best and what advices he/she has for your engagement session.

The little extra: I think it’s necessary and indispensable that you, future brides and grooms, find places that look like you and that you really love. The place of your engagement session should be a place who mean something to you two (as far as possible, of course).

Tears in the eye: Your first meeting place, or your first rendez-vous, can be ideas of a place for your engagement session. Emotions will be guaranteed for you … and me. Tears in the eyes: for sure.

To choose Provence for your Destination Wedding:

If South of France can be the best place for your engagement session, it can also be the perfect area for your Destination Wedding. From great wedding venue, to good wines and perfect food, we do have everything to welcome you, your families and your friend to make this day very special.

I do Destination weddings all year long here because couples from other countries are coming to get married in Aix en Provence, Marseille or around. As you know: I speak French and English so I can travel to your place to do your engagement session

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Whether you live in Provence … or elsewhere:

Are you getting married? First of all, congratulations! I deeply believe that love should be celebrate anytime & anywhere.

You would like to make a engagement session but you don’t know when or where. That’s fine. You don’t have to live in Provence to do your engagement session. Whether this beautiful region is your home or not, it’s with pleasure that I would join you to realize your engagement session before your wedding.

Places to go for your engagement session in Provence:

I told you, I deeply believe love and complicity should be shown off. Here’s what I can offer you.

My little extras:

Because of my experience, and my numerous outings in the region, I have a multitude of places to offer you. Do not stress about that. This is my area, where I live & where I am from.

Here are some important things to know:

  • No imposed date for such a session.
  • It is also possible to realize a photo session of this type after your wedding in a place of your choice: day after, elopement, family session

Tears in the eye: Surprise your lover with an idea of an engagement session like this one. Take him/her to a place that is close to your heart and where you would like to have memories of your precious moments. Picture this: end the day, glass of champagne (or two) by the sea to celebrate only those few things: your love & you.

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Wedding photographer based in Aix en Provence:

My name is Sylvia Calmet. I have been working as a destination wedding photographer since 2018. I am a wedding and family photographer. I love to capture real moments, real emotions and real interactions. I write with the lights & my camera what makes you unique: your love and family story. I work around Aix en Provence, Marseille and mainly in Provence but I am ready to go wherever your love will take me.

The engagement sessions are unique moments for you as future brides and grooms to share and complicity with your loved one. It’s a joy of emotions that I would be delighted to share with you.

Talk to you soon! Sylvia

Dreaming of an engagement shoot in Provence: let me show you the places I love and take you where you can have beautiful sunrise or sunset. See you soon!