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"Sylvia Calmet Luxury flat lay wedding inspiration Provence

Inspiration shoot in Provence:

French Wedding Photographer in the South of France, I was lucky to work on Christophe Serrano‘s Team, Fine Art wedding photographer, for his last November workshop.

After 15 years as a social worker, I have been working as a wedding & family photographer for 2 years now. As much as I was involved in my former job, I love this new one very much. You wouldn’t tell how much those 2 works are alike in some ways. I can organize pretty much my days the way I want, I work in team and there are no similar days. What I love the most is to work with people all the time because team work is one of my core values.

In this team & on this Wedding Inspiration:

It’s such a chance to be abble to work with this wonderful team because they are no identical team as this one. We work together. We listen to each other. We make each other stronger with the ideas of everyone. This team is special and so is this workshop.

As a second photographer & a french-english interpreter in this team, I also had the responsibility of building the flat lay of 2 style shoot. This was just the perfect role for me. You know how much I love the design of the flat lay.

As a professionnal wedding photographer an experience like that is a perfect opportunity to build new opportunity & work with new coworkers.

Voici notre shooting d’inspiration en Provence

Luxury couple wedding inspiration Sylvia Calmet

Salle le télegraphe Toulon Photographe Sylvia Calmet

Wedding Inspiration in Provence, South of France :

After 3 days of this wonderful workshop : 2 style shoot & 1 business day, we planned to photoshoot a couple at the Télégraphe, Toulon, Provence, South of France.

This place is amazing. I was really trilled by the inside/outside of the building. The outside atmosphere is in between Paris & what I love about the South of France : Hausmanian & white buildings. The inside is a mix between a bar & some red bricks. Born in the North : red bricks are part of my «brand», where I come from. This is realy what, I think, make the North different from any other area in France. Cold outside but so warm inside. I was so in love with this building : south & north at the same time, so me !

I love to discover new places and to work in it. French wedding photographer : I love to follow you during your wedding. It makes me detect new horizons and I appreciate that very much. Sometimes you don’t have to travel much to enjoy new place. Keep my eyes open everyday is how I enjoy it !

Luxury Flat lay design by Sylvia Calmet French photographer

Flat Lay design wedding inspiration Sylvia Calmet

Dream team for a perfect wedding inspiration shoot :

Whevener you want to realize a perfect wedding inspiration shoot, you have to have the perfect team with you. As I told you: this team is unique.

Our wedding planner, Lætitia Caroline, and the main photographer, Christophe Serrano, organized with us what could be your wedding if you were working with this whole team. They wanted us to create magic and emotions for you.

To take care of this wonderful place : Laetitia Ricci made a perfect bridal bouquet. The choices she made for the colors of the flowers were decided before the workshop according to the dress, the place, the season & an inspiration moodboard.

Aude Mayeux had made a special, amazing and sumptuous dress for the occasion. She choose luxurious fabrics specifically for the workshop. Karine Brossard sublimate our bride of the day with her perfect make up & haistyle.

Nothing for this shooting will have happened without Florence Derouet and Matthieu Vasquez if we didn’t communicate with each other before. Respect & team work are the basics of this team.

Karine Brossard Luxury MUA Wedding inspiration

Laetitia Ricci Floral designer wedding inspiration

Wedding Inspiration, stationery, luxury accessories and French Touch:

We also had the enourmous chance to work with: Les Alchimistes de la Joaillerie (rings and jewellery), Atelier Preszburger (stationery) and Belle Bella Shoes (shoes). Luxury and beautiful utensils are the best to work with. This was great to realize my flat lay.

This is again, and I know I said it before, a huge chance for me, as a wedding photographer to have work with this entire team. To everyone on the team and the effort you all have made for those beautiful days to happen : thank you again so much. I also wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart all the professional photographers who attended this workshop. Without you, none of this would have been possible. You know me, too much love, this is where I cry.

Luxury Flat lay design by Sylvia Calmet Fine art wedding photographer provence

Working with a real couple for a wedding inspiration shooting :

OMG ! This is amazing. Maud Tordjam, professionnal model, dragged her cute boyfriend to be our groom of the day. Maud was an amazing bride. It’s true : being a model is her job but working with her lover made the photoshoot easier for everyone.

You can tell they are so in love. I maddly love the complicity between the 2 of them. I love the way they look and touch each other. You can feel the love through the images because they share it so much. As much as I love, as a professionnal wedding photographer, to work with models, I also love to see emotions between lovers. They were not shy & it was pure happiness to work with them.

Building 2 flat lay for this wedding style shoot :

Add flat lay to this shoot was just the magic touch. Indeed when you work with professionnal of such a level, flat lay are essential. It’s the « cherry on the cake » as we would say in France.

For that particular style shoot, we wanted to create two different universes. We found a place, near a window, to have as much natural light we could get.

For the flat lay lovers: all ustensils are placed on the floor.

For the professional photographers: I used my Nikon Z6, 50 mm f/1.8

It’s true: one is rather light and pink, the other pretty dark and blue. We wanted to make sure you could see jewellery, stationery, flowers, ribbon and ring box within two different set up. We also wanted the professionnal photographers to have as mush pictures they could take of this entire wedding inspiration shoot.

Bridal Flowers Sylvia Calmet wedding inspiration

Provence Sylvia Calmet Fine Art wedding

Luxury flat lay design Sylvia Calmet provence

If you wouldlike to get married in the future, I higly recommand you to look after inspiration shoot, either on blog, instagram or pinterest. This is the best way to find : the style you wouldlike, the colors you want, the right season … You might as well discover professionnal you will have never met if you were not looking online.

If you are not affraid to have a professionnal photographer on your wedding day who is going to laugh and cry at the same time: I might be the right photographer for your special occasion.

Inspiration can inspire you very much.

You are dreaming of your destination wedding in Provence and whilling to find a phototographer from the area ( and fluent in english ) : I am soooooo ready to hearing your love story. Let me know about everything!